Now Hiring: High Ticket Sales Closers

TASv7 Mission Statement

At TASv7, our mission is to empower Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Opportunity Seekers to achieve their dreams of building a successful and profitable online business within 30 days.

We understand that our ideal prospect is someone who is driven, ambitious, and looking for efficient and effective strategies to make money online. They may be struggling with time management, work-life balance, and fear of failure.

Our platform aims to solve these problems by providing a peer-to-peer platform with high ticket commissions, comprehensive business coaching and training resources, automated marketing tools, targeted traffic, and a reliable, decentralized, and scam-free business model that members can trust for the long term.

We offer over 500 premium coaching videos, automated marketing tools, and targeted premium traffic to help our members generate leads and build their teams.

Our dedicated sales closer team pitches prospects to upgrade in the member’s team/downline team, which results in commissions of 75% over 3 levels.

With 18 membership levels, each offering its own set of products, tools, and access to premium coaching videos, we provide a solution for individuals who are looking to start an online business and earn high commissions but may not have the resources, knowledge, or skills to do so on their own.

At TASv7, we are committed to helping our members achieve financial freedom and become successful entrepreneurs.

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